In the 1980s and early 1990s Micha Kirshner took editorial fashion photographs for newspapers and magazines, mostly Monitin and the “Galeria” magazine of Ha’aretz.
Kirshner and his colleagues as well – producers, designers, costume designers – enjoyed artistic freedom and let their imagination roam. They explored the world of fashion from all possible angles – narrative, mythical, artistic, lofty. The outfit worn was often only one detail within an entire world of cultural representations, which together reflected the spirit of the times and the dominant magazine language.

Throughout the years, in addition to his work for magazines, Kirshner also engaged in commercial fashion photography for different fashion companies and advertisers. These included Dorin Frankfurt, Gottex, Gideon Oberson, and others. A swimsuit photoshoot for Oberson’s catalogue was chosen by Sport Illustrated in 1977 as the best swimsuit shoot in the world.

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